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Dogwood Trees

Pink Dogwood
• Disease resistant
• Full spring blooms
• Red fall foliage
Growing Zones 5-9
10 Reviews - Read All
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White Dogwood
• Creamy white blooms
• Very adaptable
• Great for rows
Growing Zones 5-8
6 Reviews - Read All
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White Kousa Dogwood
• Tons of white blooms
• Grows in tight areas
• Perfect in Full Sun
Growing Zones 5-8
4 Reviews - Read All
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Red Dogwood
• Dark pink & red blooms
• Great showpiece tree
• Grows in partial shade
Growing Zones 5-9
7 Reviews - Read All
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Yellow Twig Dogwood
• Colorful hedge
• Easy to grow
• Fast growing
Growing Zones 3-7

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Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are well-known and widely planted throughout most of the country. Beloved for their beautiful explosion of flowers, year-round visual interest, and ability to make even the smallest of spaces burst with life and color.

On a practical level, a Dogwood Tree is hard to beat. Adaptable to various types of soil and growing conditions, tolerant of drought, and without any major pest or disease issues, this spring blooming tree will light up any landscape without time or hassle.

Because they are relatively small, even in maturity, Dogwood trees are the ideal flowering trees for homeowners with space issues. With a variety of colors from which to choose -- red, white, & pink -- there is a Dogwood tree for any landscape.

Pink Flowering Dogwoods are our most popular dogwood. The Pink Dogwood gives you weeks of full, low maintenance blooms... every year.

Dogwoods are great for adding color to your landscape. They are extremely easy to grow, and grow quickly... so you get colorful blooms each spring... fast! Trees are a great way to beautify your landscape at minimal cost. Learn more about our fastest growing flowering trees here!