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Deer Resistant Trees & Shrubs

Royal Empress Trees for Sale
Tulip Poplar for Sale
Superior Hybrid Poplar for Sale
Meyer Lemon Tree for Sale
Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree for Sale
Royal Empress Trees
Growing Zones: 5-11
•  Grows up to 12 ft. yr.
•  Fast growing shade tree
•  Fragrant blooms

Tulip Poplar
Growing Zones: 4-9
•  Amazing gold foliage
•  Grows up to 6 ft. yr
•  Full yellow blooms

Superior Hybrid Poplar
Growing Zones: 3-8
•  Grows up to 8 ft. yr.
•  Disease resistant
•  Highly adaptable

Meyer Lemon Tree
Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors
•  Easy to grow
•  Best disease resistance
•  Very fragrant

Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree
Growing Zones: 3-8
•  Fastest growing maple
•  Resists insects & disease
•  Award winning foliage






Windmill Palm Tree for Sale
October Glory Red Maple Tree for Sale
Arbequina Olive Tree for Sale
Black Bamboo for Sale
Wintergreen Boxwood for Sale
Windmill Palm Tree
Growing Zones: 6-11
•  Cold hardy palm
•  Fast growing
•  Considered best palm

October Glory Red Maple Tree
Growing Zones: 3-8
•  Fire-red fall foliage
•  Brighter than other trees
•  Very reliable color

Arbequina Olive Tree
Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors
•  Unique olive tree
•  Easy to grow patio tree
•  Lifetime of fresh olives

Black Bamboo
Growing Zones: 6-10
•  Incredible Growth Rate
•  Non-Invasive Variety
•  Takes up little space

Wintergreen Boxwood
Growing Zones: 5-8
•  Deep green foliage
•  Responds well to pruning
•  Easy to grow






American Boxwood for Sale
Multiplex Bamboo for Sale
Sunset Glow Bamboo for Sale
Needle Palm Tree for Sale
Sago Palm Tree for Sale
American Boxwood
Growing Zones: 5-9
•  Prune to any shape
•  Evergreen leaves
•  Dense shrub / hedge

Multiplex Bamboo
Growing Zones: 7-10
•  Grows Super Fast
•  Great Screen
•  Prunes to any Height

Sunset Glow Bamboo
Growing Zones: 7-9
•  Very fast growing
•  Easy to maintain
•  Great color

Needle Palm Tree
Growing Zones: 5-10
•  Extremely Cold Hardy
•  Easy to Grow
•  Great Indoor Benefits

Sago Palm Tree
Growing Zones: 8-11
•  Mistake Free Palm
•  Drought Tolerant
•  Grows Indoors






English Boxwood for Sale
English Boxwood
Growing Zones: 5-8
•  Bright evergreen foliage
•  Extremely thick hedge
•  Adapts to most any soil