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Blueberry Bushes

Growing Zones: 6-9
•  Buckets of Berries
•  Ideal pollinators included
•  Matures to 8-10 ft.

Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Fruits in Spring & Fall
•  A Baker's Delight
•  Hybrid of Two Blueberries

Growing Zones: 2-7
•  Great in northern states
•  Ideal pollinators included
•  Nickle-size Blueberries

Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Delicious Flavor
•  Unusual Color
•  Red Fall Foliage

Growing Zones: 4-7
•  Abundant producer
•  Large sweet berries
•  Beautiful fall foliage

Growing Zones: 4-7
•  Most Popular Blueberry
•  Perfect for Snacking
•  Cold Tolerant

Growing Zones: 5-7
•  Largest Blueberry Fruit
•  Great for Containers
•  Cold Tolerant

Raise your own tasty blueberries by the bushel, right in your own yard!

Rabbiteye blueberry bushes are naturally pest resistant, so growing organically is a cinch!

Plant these bushes now and you could have buckets of berries throughout the summer. Plant an attractive blueberry hedge and give neighbor harvesting rights!

Blueberries are the nutritional "Super Food". They have the highest concentration of antioxidants of all the berries.

This plant easily adapts to even the worst soils. Plus, the well-developed root systems will have them quickly thriving in your garden.

If you have never tasted fresh blueberries, ripened on the branch, get excited because you will be amazed at how sweet and flavorful they will be.

Here is a little secret. When you order more than one bush, you'll automatically receive separate strands that will cross-pollinate each other. Our competitors don't do this and it makes a huge difference. More berries, larger, and simply delicious!

We will send you the best combination of bushes. For the best results, we recommend ordering three or more bushes. When planting as a hedge, space every 3 feet.

Once established, simply forget about them until they begin to bear fruit. They will produce quickly, so anticipate your berries by first season!

Your bushes will produce berries over a period as long as 3 months, rather than arriving all at one time like many kinds. This means you will have more time to enjoy them.

Under ideal conditions, mature Rabbiteye blueberry shrubs can supply an enormous 15 pounds of berries each season!

There will be plenty to share and plenty to freeze. These berries are firm, not mushy, so they keep with great success.

We recommend you order early because these great bushes will sell out.

An extremely versatile blueberry bush that makes an attractive ornamental plant, not to mention producing pounds of scrumptious, healthy Toro blueberries.

Toro Blueberry bushes are known for being heavy producers. You get buckets of berries annually!

Even after a very wintry season, your Toros will supply loads of sweet berries in mid-July.

Awesome as a border or privacy hedge, the Toro bears dainty white to hot pink flowers in the spring and intense red foliage in the fall.

You do not need to provide a pollinator for the Toro, however, planting another variety of blueberry alongside the Toro will increase berry production.

These particular berries are huge! Toro Blueberries are much larger and juicier than typical blueberries you get from the grocery store.

Plant in rows for the most effective pollination. Groups of three or five yield the largest crops of berries!

Don’t forget about the health benefits! Full of antioxidants, blueberries help reduce the signs of aging.

Our berries are so sweet, it doesn't feel like you're eating healthy, but the truth is you are!