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Denudata Bamboo for Sale
Juniper 'Blue Star' - On Standard for Sale
Weeping Pussy Willow for Sale
Bosc Pear  for Sale
Weeping Hemlock 'Sargents' for Sale
Denudata Bamboo
Growing Zones: 5-9
•  Clumps together for a privacy screen
•  Easy to maintain
•  Glowing green beauty

Juniper 'Blue Star' - On Standard
Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Compact Juniper shrub
•  Silver blue foliage
•  Great for foundation planting

Weeping Pussy Willow
Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Moderate to fast growth
•  Dynamic visual appeal
•  Low maintenance

Bosc Pear

Weeping Hemlock 'Sargents'
Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Year round color
•  Large weeping branches
•  Low maintenance






Arizona Cypress ' Carolina Sapphire' for Sale
Arizona Cypress ' Carolina Sapphire'
Growing Zones: 7-9
•  Thrives on neglect
•  Great for poor soils
•  Grows 3 feet per yr.