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About Fast Growing Trees Nursery

Fast Growing Trees Nursery

Company History

Fast Growing Trees Nursery was formed in 2003 by supplying high tech, cloned timber trees that could be harvested in half the time.

I've been a Plant Geek since age 8, when I started growing 4 foot long watermelons and grafting new flower varieties. But nothing compares to the improvements made with hybrid trees.

New varieties are better fruiting, stronger, more insect resistant, disease resistant, drought tolerant and colorful.

Yet nobody outside the nursery industry seemed to know about them.

The few people who were planting them were Landscape Architects and Municipality Horticulturists.

Many "Big Box" stores, nurseries and landscapers continue to sell the same obsolete, problem prone varieties. They typically don't want to pay a few dollars more for the patented trees. Plus, they can charge you again later for the chemicals and fertilizers needed to treat their trouble-prone trees.

Shipping and Growing Locations
Shipping and Growing Locations

So we decided to put together the greatest selection of superior landscape trees and plants anywhere.

All have to be easy to grow or we won't offer them. We want our customers to enjoy their plants rather than mixing and spraying chemicals.

When your tree arrives, you'll notice that it's been carefully packaged. We perfected a method that can keep most trees alive for weeks, even though its journey with Fed Ex is only a few days.

We are extremely grateful to our customers for allowing us to become "Tree Missionaries". Your purchase has helped us plant hundreds of thousands of fruit trees and fast growing shade trees in Africa, Haiti and other deforested areas. They provide income and independence for impoverished people.

This past year, your purchase also helped us replace trees for tornado victims in Missouri and  distribute 10 tons of rice for emergency famine relief.

From the entire staff of Fast Growing Trees Nursery, thank you.

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